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Customised solutions 

We are a certified body able to offer you a large range of solutions: purchase obligations, corporate PPA, additional remuneration, market access.
As each agreement corresponds to different issues (remuneration, security, long-term commitment, etc.), we create, hand in hand with you, the project that suits you the best.

Support throughout your project 

  1. 1

    Analysis of the profile:
    Study of your potential, technologies, constraints

  2. 2

    Creation of your solution:
    Adjustment of the agreement to the features of the installation and your issues

  3. 3

    Certification of capacity:
    Certification and payment of profits from sales

  4. 4

    Valorization of the local origin of production:
    Certification and payment of profits from sales

  5. 5

    Management of your production:
    Forecasting, discrepancy optimization, negative price, REMIT, programming responsibilities and automated invoicing 

TotalEnergies, a leading player in renewable energy aggregation 

Our commitments in our future collaboration:

  • Guarantee you market access at lower cost and risk management thanks to our large diversified portfolio and the financial strength of the TotalEnergies company.
  • Guarantee you the optimization of your production thanks to expert experience of more than 30 years in electricity trading
  • Forecast your production and assess the distribution profiles of your renewable projects
  • Support you 24/7
  • Adapt to your specifications and your desire for development