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What is the flexibility of power consumption

Flexibility of power consumption or “demand side management” is the ability of a site to reduce or even to stop its consumption in the face of strong demand or shortage of supply on the power grid.

With the integration of renewable production means, where production is intermittent as it is linked to meteorological conditions, and the development of uses (electrical mobility, changes in air conditioning requirements, managing consumption and production, ...) becomes more and more imperative.

Consumers’ ability to become flexible is remunerated using an aggregator with the necessary technical certifications who can manage risks for the consumer and guarantee them stable, sustainable revenue.

Your business sector:

Industrial consumer

Industrial factory

Large tertiary consumer

Tertiary consumer of electricity

Owner of a storage system

Energy storage

You have one of the following

  • Production inventory
  • Heating, cooling or interruptible systems
  • Compulsory shutdown maintenance days


You want to

  • Reduce your energy bill
  • Improve your power consumption carbon footprint
  • Contribute to balancing the French electricity grid