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What is aggregation?

The ability to integrate renewable energies into the French energy mix

Renewable Energy (RE) aggregation is TotalEnergies Flexible Power Solutions' ability to access the electricity markets, forecast and maximize your production and revenues, and delegate your responsibilities to the grid.


Green energy: intermittent energy

In a context where new uses are unbalancing the electricity network (development of electric mobility, increase in the need for air conditioning, transition from a centralized to a decentralized system, desire to close thermal power plants), the increase in the share of renewable energies in the French energy mix creates an additional problem.

Non-continuous production

The production of RE is by definition intermittent since it is linked to weather conditions. As a result, the stability of the electricity network (consumption-production balance) depends directly on the ability to accurately predict what will be injected in order to avoid discrepancies between the energy produced and the energy sold.

The aggregator, the essential link

Both technician and trader, our technical and financial skills enable us to manage and enhance the value of your assets, in particular by compensating for the intermittency of your production with reliable forecasts
By purchasing your production on pre-agreed terms, we are able to sell it to customers or on the power exchange, giving you visibility of the income you will generate.

The advantages we offer you: 


  • Maximize your income over the long term
  • Valuing electricity on the markets (EEX, EPEX) 
  • Reassure financial partners
  • Bearing the risks of the electricity market
  • Take responsibility for the network

A vocation to assume risks

Given the uncertainty of production linked to the intermittency specific to renewable energy, the first risk supported by the aggregator is that of production volumes and associated costs. Indeed, differences between actual and forecasted production lead to financial penalties vis-à-vis the grid operator. 
On the other hand, in an increasingly volatile and complex electricity market, the second risk assumed is that of fluctuating electricity prices.

Our turnkey offers

We have several offers with proven mechanisms. 

  •  Feed-inTariff

We can be the obliged buyer of your production at your fixed feed-in tariff

  • Feed in Premium

We guarantee M0 and enhance the performance of your plant

  • Direct sales or market access

We buy your production at a fixed price or at an indexed variable price, with or without a time commitment 

  • Balancing services and risk management

We secure your contracts and structure your marketing offers

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