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An integrated player in the service of its customers' energy efficiency

Thanks to the contribution of TotalEnergies' various subsidiaries, we have extensive expertise across the entire electricity value chain. Supported by a responsive and motivated team, it is our best asset for optimizing and enhancing your energy assets

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Our expertise 

Our knowledge of the electricity markets, served by our virtual platform (Virtual Power Plant or VPP), gives us the ability to optimise and manage your consumption, production and electricity storage systems with maximum efficiency.

  • Analysis of market developments (EPEX, EEX)
  • Production and operating forecasts for your assets
  • Valuation of your assets on different mechanisms and markets, MA or NEBEF
  • Remote control of your assets 
  • Risk management
  • History and performance analysis of your assets

We operate the flexibility of several complex industrial sites within the company. 

circle of activities

The Vitual Power Plant (VPP)

 Virtual platform of real time piloting, the VPP is an innovative computer tool which allows us to: 


  • View and modify your profile: activation modalities , availability, operating constraints...
  • Monitor your consumption: cut-off alerts, consumption thresholds, etc.
  • Monitor market developments and the performance of your assets

Local support

 To accompany you as effectively as possible throughout your project, we adapt to your specificities and your desires for evolution and put at your disposal proven means to facilitate and make our collaboration more reliable: 

  • On-site visits: to understand your operations, your challenges, and audit your flexible equipment
  • A contact person: a relationship based on proximity and trust 
  • Personalized monitoring: regular reports on the performance of your assets 
  • On-call service: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round
  • A communication and alert system: by phone, SMS, e-mail, and puchs alerts via the client platform
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 Our financial strength and certifications

The financial solidity conferred on us by our membership of the TotalEnergies company (S&P A rating) is your guarantee of access to the market at lower cost and optimal risk management. 

We are:

  • Balance Responsible Entity (BR)
  • Manager (primary, secondary and fast)
  • Certification Perimeter Manager (CPM)
  • Balancing Actor (BA)
  • Load shedding operator (LO)
  • Approved body for the purchase of electricity under an obligation contract)  


A committed partner

solar panels

 As a subsidiary of TotalEnergies, we adhere to a number of principles that translate into concrete commitments in terms of ethics and business conduct.

These commitments are subject to measurable progress indicators in several areas:

  • Safety and health
  • Diversity and mixity
  • Environment, climate and biodiversity
  • Circular economy