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About us

A startup spirit within a large company

The Flexible Power Solutions team supports TotalEnergies' ambitions in low-carbon energy. Dynamic and responsive, the company benefits from all of the company's expertise. It is part of the GRP (Gas Renewables & Power) business line, which is expected to account for 30% of TotalEnergies' revenues by 2030.  

Our history

poignée de main

TotalEnergies was quick to recognise that the electricity market would become increasingly complex and decentralised. It was one of the first companies to structure itself to meet the specific needs of producers, grid operators, electricity consumers and storage operators. 

  • 2008: Creation of BHC Energy, an energy performance consulting company
  • 2014: Total enters the aggregation business by acquiring BHC Energy
  • 2016 : BHC Energy accelerates its development by joining Total's GRP division 
  • 2019 : BHC Energy rebranded as Total Flex, specialist in power recovery and flexibility
  • 2021 : While Total becomes TotalEnergies, Total Flex takes the explicit name of Flexible Power Solutions


Our business lines

With more than 3 GW of contracted renewable generation, we are a key player in the aggregation business. Our mission is to secure your revenues over the long term while enhancing the potential of your energy assets. 

Our proven know-how is based on three main activities:

wind turbine

The aggregation of Renewable Energy (RE)

  • To compensate for the intermittency of renewable energies and to integrate them as well as possible into the French energy mix
  •  Maximize your production and revenues according to the evolution of the different markets thanks to turnkey solutions 
  • Access the market, forecast your production, delegate your responsibilities to the network
 electrical network

Aggregation of electrical flexibility or load shedding

  • Make the most of the flexibility of your industrial processes on the mechanisms and markets of load shedding
  • Optimize your revenues while limiting the constraints on your industrial process
  • Contribute to the safety of the electrical network
  • Helping to decarbonize the French energy mix
Storage capacity site

Battery control 

  • Ensure the function of emergency storage
  • Making the most of your batteries' potential 
  • Optimize your flexibility potential  
circle of activities

The Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

A real virtual power station, the VPP is a unique computerised control and monitoring tool in real time that allows you to manage your consumption and your load shedding.

It also offers the possibility to aggregate several energy sources, to optimize them and to propose them to the network manager, RTE.

Our projects

 solar site in spain

Our international locations

Although we are mainly active in France, we are also pursuing our development in other countries, notably in Spain, Great Britain and the United States.

Our development programs :

  • Batteries and coupling to industrial processes
  • V2G (Intelligent Electric Vehicles)
  • Blockchain production traceability
  • Cross-border electricity trading


  • 4 GW
    Contracted RE and flexibilities in portfolio
  • 600
    Operating sites
  • 130 MW
    Batteries in operation