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Our expertise

Technical and financial expertise, and efficient facilities in operation and to be installed in the future

The development of stationary energy storage and the quality of your battery management is essential for the development of renewable energies and the decarbonisation of the French electricity network. Our know-how as an innovative player in this field contributes greatly to stabilising the national electricity network.


A pioneering role 

The Long-Term Call for Tenders (LTO) recently launched by RTE (French TSO) and the Directorate General for Energy and Climate (DGEC) aimed to grant a fixed income on the Capacity Mechanism for a period of 7 years to low-carbon assets. This is a strong signal in favour of the development of investments in this sector.

The project was conducted jointly by three TotalEnergies subsidiaries: 
•    SAFT (French company specialised in the design, manufacture and marketing of electric accumulators for industrial use) 
•    TotalEnergies Renewables International (Company specialized in the production of electricity from renewable sources)
•    TotalEnergies Flexible Power Solutions

TotalEnergies: A major player in electricity storage activities :
•    TotalEnergies is the winner of this LTO with 103 MW cumulated over two periods (2021-2027 and 2022-2028)
•    TotalEnergies was the first aggregator to put LTO batteries into service. It is currently the largest battery operator in France. 

Our technical know-how

•    Constant monitoring of the opportunities offered by the markets:
     o    Market opening 
     o    Changing price signals 
     o    Mastery of the regulations 
     o    Knowledge of international markets...

•    Control of the "portfolio effect", which leads to our ability to use and make the most of batteries within the framework of a diversified and complementary portfolio of assets

•    Management of the relationship and interfacing with the TSO (electrical transmission network), from a technical and regulatory point of view

•    Defense of the interests of batteries and arbitration for a better integration to the markets 

•    24/7 dispatching, monitoring and surveillance of storage assets:
     o    Warning system 
     o    Operational standby


Our financial expertise

•    Presentation of information on the timing of electricity markets and mechanisms in a chronological form (Timeline) 

•    Ability to enhance the value of the battery by making the necessary trade-offs to offer the most profitable solution

•    Knowledge of the functioning of markets and the dynamics of price formation

•    Valuation and arbitrage between markets : 
     o    Energy trading & services systems (FCR, aFRR)

Proof by example 

Operating facility: Dunkirk I
The lithium-ion battery energy storage system located at Mardyck in the Etablissement des Flandres (Dunkirk port area) is the largest in France. It consists of 11 integrated containers of 2.3 MWh each, designed and manufactured at Saft's production site in Bordeaux:

SAFT battery

•    Commissioning: January 2021

•    Storage capacity: 25 megawatt hours (MWh)

•    Power: 25 MW 

•    Solution used: Intensium Max 20 High Energy from Saft

Facilities under construction: Dunkirk II, Carling and Grand-Puits

•    Estimated date of commissioning: 2022

•    Dunkerque II capacity: 36 MW

•    Carling capacity: 25 MW

•    Grand-Puits capacity: 43 MW

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