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Our 360° services

Support and solutions adapted to your needs

The aggregation of renewable energies (RE) requires a perfect knowledge of the markets and a specific technical and financial know-how. All our offers are accompanied by comprehensive services to ensure optimal performance. 


Our 360° services


•    Low cost market access  
•    Dynamic management of your production, real time valuation on the markets 
•    Forecasting and production monitoring via our customer platform 
•    Monitoring the financial performance of your assets in relation to market prices 


•    Remote control of production assets in real time  
•    Self-invoicing and fast payment 
•    Proximity and dedicated team 24/7  
•    Multi-channel communication and alerts (phone, SMS, email, push alerts) 


•    Financial strength of TotalEnergies as a counterparty recognized by the financiers (S&P rating A+) 

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Local valorization 
•    Local valorization of the production with green suppliers (green offers, VertVolt label) 
•    Offer of traceability of your production  

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Other services  
•    REMIT reporting 
•    Programming responsibility 
•    Certification and valuation of Guarantees of Capacity and Guarantees of Origin 
•    Network Services  


Valuation of the renewable and local character of your production 

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For whom, why? 

If you are a producer or a project developer, we can help you to ensure the local acceptability of your production plant. TotalEnergies can propose a green electricity supply offer at a preferential price to the project's local residents (small businesses and residences), or to independent French suppliers. 

Services offered :

•    Local valorization of the production, in particular with partner suppliers who propose green offers to their customers (VertVolt label),
•    Issuance of Guarantees of Origin on your Powernext Register,
•    Collateral management and valuation, 
•    Traceability of your production via a monitoring portal. This portal allows real-time monitoring of the supply volumes covered by your PPA contracts, in particular by automatically generating reports that can be integrated into your CSR reports.

Discover our customer portal

A tool for monitoring your production in real time
•    Follow-up of production and valorisation
•    Market information 
•    Real-time alerts 
•    Declaration of unavailability
•    Negative price tracking
•    Forecast days PP1/PP2
•    Contracts and invoices available