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Our vision of the electricity of tomorrow

Our job : energy aggregation 

Acting on behalf of its clients, TotalEnergies aggregates and optimizes electrical consumption flexibilities and renewable energy production to enhance them on the electricity market.

TotalEnergies aims to become the leader in renewable energy and to help its clients “consume better and less”.    

The Group has therefore created a Gas, Renewables & Power Division to achieve the goals set forth for the team dedicated to aggregation and, in this way, we help develop those “low carbon” activities.

electricity _of_tomorrow

TotalEnergies, a stakeholder in the energy transition  

New challenges have cropped up with the development of renewable energies, such as production chains governed by weather conditions or new types of consumption like electrical mobility.  

TotalEnergies aims at optimizing the flexibility of its clients’ electrical consumption, production and storage systems in order to guarantee a stable network and to enhance their assets in real time.

We strive to improve the carbon footprint of the French energy mix: encouraging the local production of renewable energies, increasing production on the best markets and amongst consumers, and preventing any peaking, which would spur the grid to activate polluting thermal production systems, by providing carbon-free demand side management solutions or via management of the energy storage system.

As a consequence, we contribute to a more balanced, more carbon-free electricity grid!