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Why battery storage?

An efficient and forward-looking way to participate in the balancing of the electricity grid and to take advantage of market opportunities

The ability to store electricity for short-term use is a major asset for the integration of renewable energies into the grid and ensures a better balance between production and consumption

A proven storage solution

When judiciously managed and controlled, batteries offer a relevant solution to the need for reserve power at times of high consumption, particularly in winter. 

Particularly suitable for short-term use, they provide a power reserve of 1 to 4 hours per 24-hour period. 

While guaranteeing grid security, they are also involved in the development of renewable energy production by allowing more green electricity to be integrated into the grid. 

•    A strategic role:
     o    Storage of solar and wind surpluses when production is greater than consumption,
     o    Participation in balancing the grid, according to its needs, by injecting or withdrawing electricity to ensure the supply/demand balance.

•    Strong development potential due to :
     o    Increasing RE production
     o    Liberalization of system service markets (markets dedicated to managing the supply/demand balance)


Support at all levels

With the ambition to make the most of your battery storage, TotalEnergie Flexible Power Solution takes care, within the limits of the technical and regulatory possibilities, to cumulate and combine a large number of services.

•    Definition and upstream development :
     o    A valuation model
     o    Telecommunication solutions
     o    A state of charge management strategy

•    Monitoring of market opportunities

•    Optimization of asset valuation on the various markets

•    Management in connection with the TSO (electrical transmission network) of :
     o    Certification 
     o    Interfacing 
     o    Financial flows...


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