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The markets

It is possible for us to value your certified clearing capacities on the Capacity Mechanism and the Call for tenders via two different channels: the Balancing Mechanism (CM) and the Notification of Block Exchange (NEBEF). It is through these channels that TotalEnergies Flexible Power Solutions generates the variable part of your remuneration. 

The Balancing Mechanism (BM)

This mechanism, directly managed by RTE, aims to ensure the energy supply-demand balance, practically in real time. This stability is obtained by modifying the level of production or consumption of the various players (producers and consumers). 


  •  RTE, French TSO


  • Merit Order principle, i.e. the means of production are activated according to their marginal cost of activation (- expensive to + expensive).


  • Need for minimum margins: production is just enough to get through the morning and evening peaks
  • Availability 

     o    D-1 10h00 (PP1/75% of the time),
     o    D-1 19h30 (PP2/25% of the time).

gas power plant
electric pylon

Notification of Exchange of Balancing Blocks (NEBEF)

Thanks to this mechanism, it is possible to value your load shedding directly on the Epexspot by selling blocks of energy that you will not consume, as if you had produced them.


  • Epexspot (European Power Exchange).


  • Notice period: on D-1  


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